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No Picky Eaters

'Sophie's so fussy when it comes to veg'

'Alfie hates anything green'

'I've given up offering peas to Leo, he's such a picky eater'

How many times have you heard (or said...) something along these lines?

Here at The Veggienauts Club we're careful not to use the terms 'picky' or 'fussy'. Instead we choose to see every child as a little learner with the potential to explore, taste and eventually enjoy eating a rainbow of foods.

We understand that mealtimes with reluctant children can be trying at best, impossible at times. But try not to label the behaviour or typecast your kids. If we focus on negative habits, they can become ingrained. But if we apply a growth mindset and positive reinforcement to food exploration, anything is possible!

Eating is a skill we can learn, just like reading, writing or drawing. It might come more 'naturally' to some, but that doesn't mean others can't learn.

Take my son, for example. The first seed of an idea for The Veggienauts Club was sown during the first UK lockdown. I've always loved cooking with my kids but crafting isn't something that comes 'naturally'. My eldest always rebelled if I brought out the pens and paper, but rather than abandoning ship or writing him off as 'not artistic' or 'difficult', I looked outside our home for inspiration.

Enter a subscription box (Toucan Box if you're interested!). We signed up for a three month trial and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Each month he'd be thrilled to receive a box addressed to him, take out his activity cards and discuss what we were going to make. Soon he was sticking, gluing, colouring (something he'd always 'hated') and having a whale of a time.

I began to think that maybe the same approach could be applied to food, vegetables specifically. There are quite a few fab kids cooking subscription boxes out there, but with The Veggienauts Club I wanted to dive deep into the exploration of individual veggies, hanging each box around a seasonal star and teaching children delicious recipes, cooking and life skills along the way.

Our boxes are all about repeat exposure. Trying new things (not necessarily putting them in your mouth). Discovering ingredients away from the dinner table. Learning through play. Making food fun. Each month there are three recipes, experiments, crafts and more to bring children closer to what they are eating, and what they are eating to life.

Our July BEETROOT box is available to order now. We'd love your little learner to join us today.

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