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The benefits of eating the seasons

Most of us can agree that talking to our kids about where foods come from is important. But what about when?

Every month our boxes teach children about a single seasonal vegetable. In a supermarket-led society where shelves are stocked with produce from every corner of the globe, it’s easy for grown ups to forget that not all produce is available year round, let alone children.

Eating seasonally can be beneficial in so many ways. Food tastes better, is fresher and contains more nutrients when it hasn’t been sitting in storage or flown half way round the world. Cutting out those air miles will also save you money, support your local community and is kinder to our planet.

So how can we involve our kids? Talk about the four seasons together. Encourage them to look at what’s available when you shop or read the packaging on any plastic wrapped produce. Sing songs, read books, plant your own seeds or visit a ‘pick your own’ farm. And cook using seasonal ingredients.

March is a quiet month for produce, sometimes known as ‘the hungry gap’, with the promise of Spring on the way but winter still digging in its heels. Root veg, leafy greens and brassicas reign supreme which is why this month we’ve chosen cauliflower as our hero veg, with a supporting side role of sunshine citrus lemon.

Want more ways to discuss seasonal food and make delicious recipes as a family? Sign up today.

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